"O - A Lonely Marxist Zero"

This is a gift.

I was visiting with friends here today in Tallinn, and they insisted on a trip to the beautiful new art museum on the edge of town. It was wonderful – lots of wonderful Estonian painting and sculpture, particularly from the 19th century.

At one point, we wandered up to the top floor to look for the exhibit known as the “WC.” 🙂 There was some weird, “modern” stuff up there, including some junk “art” from the 1960s and early 1970s that supposedly came out of west-east artistic contacts back then.

We got away from there quickly, but by good fortune I noticed this work by a Hungarian artist from sometime in the 1960s:

This is divine intervention. I can’t think of a better nailing of The Big O and what he really is.

Take this one viral. And someone send it to Sarah!! 🙂