Holiday Today - Happy Ukrainian Independence Day

If anyone needs a holiday today, this is a good one.

Today is Ukrainian Independence Day.

Some wit in the peanut gallery will probably ask “Which one?” And with good reason. Ukraine declared independence six times during the 20th century; the first five tries were unsuccessful, but maybe the sixth will be the charm.

Going into the vote in the Rada (Parliament) in Kyiv on 24 August 1991, Speaker Stanyslav Hurenko famously told a reporter from The Economist that “Today we will vote for Ukrainian independence, because if we don’t we’re in the sh–.”

Given Vlad Putin’s recent surliness, that’s a line to keep in mind.

So if you need a theme for your late summer barbeque or a toast for some glass-clinking later today, hopefully this will do.

(Addendum with a purpose. I just did a quick inventory. I’ve got four different bottles of self-imported Ukrainian horilka (vodka) in the freezer. And I’ll be making another resupply run over there in a few weeks. Eat your heart out, Moe. 🙂 )