RS Gathering a silent event?

Hmmm. I too am perplexed by the site sans comments. I really appreciate the FPW’s op eds and relish the ensuing reasonable discussion. Iron sharpens iron as they say.

I’ve not had a diary previously and I guess these past few silent days has prompted me to embark. Not sure how far off shore I will venture, but the oars in the water.

I was considering attending the Red State Gathering in Denver. I’m a listener and not much of a yakker. Might enjoy a rigorous conservative crowd for once. I live on an island north of Seattle. Very, shall we say, green, independent and democratic. Rubbing shoulders with a fellow conservatives would indeed be a treat.

However, with the current state of affairs, I wonder if discussion and iron sharpening will be allowed.

I don’t want to hear wether Trump has short fingers or his orange tint reflects poorly.

I want to hear if Trump’s strategies, policies, support personnel have depth, foundation, experience. I want to hear debated the historical nuances that forged his ideas and predicted outcomes debated. I want to stand for what is right, reasonable and Constitutional in its foundation. I want my thoughts battered about and the chaff blown off so I can say to my fellow. “This is right, this is why”. I don’t want to shout him down. I want learn from perspectives of fellow conservatives what is the right way to convince my fellow islanders.

When can we get back to the iron sharpening?