The PC Project - It works IF you work it

Our county, Pinal AZ, completed the election of its PCs. Because there were no contested seats the County Board of Supervisors voted to not place names on ballots and receive all PC candidates into their elected offices. My wife and I received our election certificates yesterday.

In 2008 there were 94 elected GOP PCs in Pinal. In 2010 there are 154, 1/3 of which are constitutional conservatives Tea Party members. The PC project in the TPs accounted for ALL the growth in the PC rolls in our county.

We also have the issue with resistence from both RINOs and intransigent incompetents as well as crappy training materials and poor or no PC training. We got PCs from 4 counties together, rewrote the PC manual, prepared training materials and got a commitment to have them submitted to the 8/28 state executive board for approval. In the mean time we are using the materials to get people up to speed. We saw the need to have a conservative caucus for our PCs to work in for them to be effective and found nothing like it available within the party. We reached out to a conservative GOP affiliate, the PAChyderm Coalition, and worked with them to establish a new local chapter for our PCs to use as their conservative caucus. Since the local chapter controls its membership we are safe from RINO infiltration.

You have to get creative and active to get things done. Take support where you find it. Find fixes for problems. Work around or run over resistance. It didn’t get broken in a year. We won’t fix it in a year but we will make progress. The PC Project works if you work it.