No Ruby in the Rough

I am informed by a certain Senator’s spokespeople that American workers are unworthy of employment, and a means must be arranged to replace them. From Mickey Kaus at the Daily Caller, quoting a Rubio staffer:

There’s a reason unemployed Americans are unemployed. They aren’t star performers. Screw ‘em. We’re bringing in workers from abroad!

As recently as CPAC 2013, Rubio was riding high. He gave arguably the best speech at the event, blending middle class concerns with a grassroots appeal. He looked as perfectly poised for a 2016 Presidential run as any figure in the party.

Then he lashed his name and his political capital to this toxic amnesty bill, making claims for it with regard to enforcement, amnesty, and other critical areas, that were wholly unsupported in the text. In the Obama Age, the Parties of Washington need not concern themselves with accuracy. The truth is not a concern. It is not as if the American workers they are vigorously screwing will ever catch on, they just reelected the weakest jobs president in American history. Even if Rubio reshuffles his staff in response, this view into the thinking of his office combined with his serial misrepresentations of the amnesty bill represent exactly the sort of insider dealing and disingenuous lying in high places that inspired the Tea Party to begin with.

No sympathy for self-inflicted wounds.

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