A Phoenix from the Ashes

In the wake of the Tea Party’s failures in the 2012 election cycle, from Michele Bachmann’s premature candidacy to Herman Cain’s bold miscalculations with regard to the skeletons in his closet, to the GOP nomination of the unrepentant author of ObamneyCare, the catastrophe was not averted. Were we too cocky after 2010?

Even the GOP House under Boehner has become a rubber stamp for new spending. Boehner closed the 112th Congress with a $330B unfunded spending bill and opened the 113th, after a badly fumbled conservative attempt to replace him, with the $50B unfunded Sandy Pork bill. As disaster relief goes, the Sandy Pork bill was a disaster, leaving thousands of victims still, literally, without power while 90% of the spending in the bill is for future fiscal years. Just how long will it take to get these poor people back on the grid, anyway? I guess spending the money in places like Idaho and California and Illinois is a pretty inefficient way to relieve hurricane victims on the northeastern seaboard, but I am reassured frequently that Congress knows best, and that economic stimulus comes from government spending. Despite over four years of grim testimony to the contrary and the first major shrinking of the labor pool as a percentage of the population since the Great Depression.

If government spending is the path to prosperity, than Italy and Greece are the financial capitals of the world. But they are far from it, just two more beggars on the world stage. There is no patron grand enough to satisfy a beggar America, the fact that Americans voted in 2012 to be takers, not makers, does not mean that the wisdom of the prevailing shirkers will be met with anything less than worldwide catastrophe.

It is not too early for fiscal conservatives to find their candidate for 2016 and begin filling his or her sails to do combat with all comers for the restoration of America’s greatness. In 1940, America was not even the 10th greatest power in the world, she was crushed by 12 years of gross misgovernment by arrogant men exercising theretofore unimaginable government power. What followed were five years of previously unimaginable deprivation on the home front to empower a bloated federal government still further. The federal government shamelessly rationed food and gasoline. But America emerged an economic and military colossus.

Not just the foremost power in the world, but the inspiration for the term superpower. Not because of federal interference, that inevitably waned sharply in the postwar period, but because of America’s human stock. Men and women free to create and invest, imbued with unalienable rights.

The current madness will do terrible harm to the republic. It is our duty to challenge a corrupt press and the all-devouring Parties of Washington until Americans turn away from a disastrous profligacy of the takers and restore a sane balance to the republic.