WI-3's Third Option Invited to Debates

About a week ago, state Senator Dan Kapanke challenged incumbent Ron Kind to a series of 19 debates – one for each county. I heard through the grapevine that Kapanke didn’t bother to invite Krsiean. I don’t know if Kapanke thought Krsiean, as an independent, was irrelevant to the debate since 3rd party candidates historically managed to capture 1-2% of the vote. I don’t know. After reading different blurbs online, I found out that WI-3’s third option works two jobs and a hobby farm and, therefore, would not be able to commit to 19 debates.

Ron Kind’s people called the La Crosse Tribune and Dan Kapanke’s people agreeing to 3 debates in October with Krsiean included. How magnanimous of Kind to include Krsiean.

Did I say magnanimous? I meant to say sanctimonious. The only reason why Kind wants to debate both Kapanke and Krsiean at the same time is to try to lump them together in some sort of crazy idea category.

Mike, let’s be honest. Kind isn’t interested in what you think. To him, you’re a decoy, a side-show for him to equate Kapanke to you.

A word of advice: Stay away from your Transparency TV proposal. It won’t resonate with people the way you think it will. Also don’t emphasize how dedicated you are to running. Some might question your dedication for running for federal office because you work 2 jobs, run a farm, campaign, and set aside time to be a husband and father. You chose to spread yourself so thin. Those who have achieved success and financial security did it by focusing on 1 or 2 things they do well and excelling at those things. Those who try to be a jack of all trades are usually masters of their own decline in mental and physical health.

No one is denying your constitutional right to run for office. Yet how can you run an effective campaign without fully counting the cost – monetarily, physically, emotionally, and spiritually? The answer is, “You can’t.” There’s no shame in trying. I do respect you for that. Keep in mind, though, God needs engineers, too.”