WI-3's Third Option, Mike Krsiean, Issues Statment on Dan Kapanke

Independent Mike Krsiean didn’t waste time issuing a statement regarding allegations by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin against state Senator Dan Kapanke. In a press release found on Wispolitics.com Krsiean states:

My understanding of the situation is that Mr. Kapanke received capital equipment and
installation labor from the City of La Crosse for his baseball team operations in the form
of improved lighting to conduct night games. He accepted personal liability of this debt as
a cost of conducting and expanding his business. He then paid a portion of his debt with
charity funds from a foundation he set up; many of the contributors are allegedly lobbying

It doesn’t look like Krsiean has done his homework on the state senator from La Crosse. Krsiean seems to be relying on information he’s either read online or heard on the news.

Had Krsiean done his homework, he would have found that Dan Kapanke is not part of the La Crosse Loggers Charitable Foundation.

Had Krsiean done his homework, he would have read the 70 page complaint filed by Mike Tate on behalf of the DPW and ascertained from the complaint that Kapanke is not listed as one of the officers of the Loggers Charitable Foundation. The only Kapankes listed on the IRS form as officers of the foundation are Dan’s wife, Ruth, and his son, Ben.

Had Krsiean done his homework, he would have noticed how quick Kapanke was to take responsibility for the mistake even though it wasn’t his mistake. Kapanke refused to cast blame on his family or anyone else for that matter.

Apparently, Krsiean feels that this is an ethics issue that could have been remedied had cameras been on 24/7 to keep Kapanke from allegedly violating Wisconsin ethics laws. Krsiean makes the following campaign promise in the same press release:

If this information is true, it represents a serious breach of public trust, ethics and law. It
would be yet another example of corruption in which many of our government officials
participate. They participate in this action not only with lobbyists but large banking,
investment and corporate interests. We must aggressively root out the type of corruption
that this allegation points toward in all levels of government. Speaking generally, this type
of corruption is what motivated my Transparency TV pledge on August 3rd, and I
encourage others to follow me in rebuilding trust and honor in our US Congress.

Krsiean’s statement on his Transparency TV pledge is akin to Amateur Night at the comedy club. Why would it be necessary to have cameras powered on 24/7 in a congressman’s office? Has Krsiean given any thought to matters of National Security? Classified information? Matters of a personal nature that constituents (who don’t want or need the rest of the constituency to know about) bring directly to the congressman’s local office?

It’s even more evident with Krsiean’s latest press release that he has not thoroughly thought out the ramifications of his accession to the 3rd Congressional District seat for Wisconsin.

Would that Krsiean stick to what he knows best – being an aerospace engineer.