Wisconsin Dems Pitch High and Inside to Dan Kapanke

La Crosse Loggers baseball team owner and Wisconsin 3rd Congressional District candidate Dan Kapanke had some chin music thrown at him today by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW).

The La Crosse Tribune posted this report from the Associated Press in Madison regarding allegations against state Senator Dan Kapanke that he misused funds from the La Crosse Loggers Foundation to make a payment to the City of La Crosse for lights added to Copeland Park, the home of the La Crosse Loggers.

The complaint made by Mike Tate, chairman of DPW, is requesting Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board (GAB), along with the IRS, and La Crosse District Attorney’s Office to investigate Kapanke for any alleged wrong-doing.

In an impromtu interview on 1410 WIZM’s La Crosse Talk PM with Mitch Reynolds, Kapanke took responsibility for the La Crosse Loggers Foundation did regarding the over $16,000 payment to the City of La Crosse even though he is not a part of the charitable foundation. Kapanke continued by telling La Crosse Talk PM listeners that the money that $16,000 that was not supposed to come from the Loggers Foundation has been repaid by the La Crosse Loggers baseball organization, a separate entity from the La Crosse Loggers Foundation.

Somehow, I seriously doubt that will satisfy the DPW. No doubt the DPW will continue to pitch these allegations high and inside to Kapanke while hoping to knock him down.

What I’d like to know is what does Ron Kind have to say about all of this? I’m sure he’s content to watch from the dugout.

Or….is he the catcher flashing signs?

There’s some food for thought for ya……..