Once a QB, Always a QB: Ron Kind Reads the Conservative Blitz

As a stand-out quarterback at Logan High School, Ron Kind learned how to read defensive schemes putting on the blitz. Surely he barked signals at the line, called audibles, and pointed out linebackers and safeties itching to spring across the line of scrimmage to sack him for a loss.

That experience, no doubt, has served him well throughout his political career. Let the o-line do the dirty work. The QB will take the glory.

When Ron Kind gets blitzed by questions without a single aide-de-camp nearby while he’s out shopping or getting gas, he all but runs away. But when he sees you again and his staffers or volunteers are close, he tells his staff to keep you at bay. It’s similar to a quarterback being protected by the offensive line.

I wonder if QB Kind is concerned about being politically sacked on election day. I don’t think he’s concerned about a handful of people singly sacking him – politically speaking. Rather, it’s the percentage of the entire electorate that can sack his political career for a loss on November 2nd. 

Even though QB Kind hasn’t started barking signals at the line just yet, soon enough he will. I can hear it now… Down! Set! Eight…Twenty-five….Eight….Twenty-five! Set! HIT!!!

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