Third Option for Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District - Michael Krsiean

“We need someone who is willing to fight. I am willing to fight, and I am d— mad at what they’re doing to…my family and your families and our Constitution. And I think it’s about time that things change.” – Michael Krsiean 2/28/10


Michael Krsiean is a man on a mission. His mission, fueled by passion and anger over the egregious lack of fiscal responsibility, ethical accountability, and constitutionally-minded leadership in Washington, DC, is to become the next man to fill Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District in the United States House. Krsiean, as he says, is “damn mad” and he’s going to bring about a change.


What kind of change does Krsiean intend to bring? After doing some research on Krsiean, I must admit there is no lack of cognitive dissonance in my mind regarding what I found.


Here are but a few examples of issues that give me cognitive dissonance:


First, on his own website, Krsiean talks about how the Federal government must reduce its spending by 90%. By Krsiean’s estimation, that would include significant cuts to the Defense Department’s budget. For FY2010, the Pentagon’s piece of the federal budgetary pie was roughly $663 billion or approximately 18% of the $3.5 trillion in Federal Budget spending. The last I checked. 90 + 18 = 108. If Krsien wants to cut 90% of the Federal Budget, I shudder to think of what would happen to our nation’s defense.


Along those same lines, does that include cutting the Department of Homeland Security? If so, how does that square with his stance on illegal immigration. I agree that illegal immigration is a serious problem and the path to legal immigration should be emphasized. However, would cutting the Department of Homeland Security – the department that has oversight over Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and TSA – curtail illegal border crossing or prevent a terrorist from smuggling parts for a dirty bomb into the United States?


Something doesn’t add up.


It looks as though Krsiean has a 9/10 mindset engrained in his head. That scares me. I have no problem with the extra security measures implemented in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy. Why? I have nothing to hide.


I could go on with more instances of why Krsiean gives me cognitive dissonance regarding his candidacy to represent Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District. Krsiean may be a choice on the November ballot, but he is not the choice to represent Western Wisconsin. Frankly, he has no chance of unseating Ron Kind. Dan Kapanke does.


Please don’t take this to be a personal attack on Mike Krsiean. By all accounts, Krsiean appears to be a freedom-loving American who wants to engage in the political process. I respect that. From what I’ve found on him, he works hard to provide for his family. That’s something I admire about him. I hope he doesn’t burn out from working two jobs, maintaining a hobby farm, and campaigning for a United States House seat.


No doubt about it. Michael Krsiean is passionate and angry about what’s going on in DC. He said it himself, “I am d— mad.” For his sake, I hope that statement isn’t a double-entendre.

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