Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf will NOT be pleased when he will be forced to tell the Muslims about the history of Wall Street and how it got the name!  Moreover, we know ALL Muslims believe that pork is unclean and they are forbidden to eat or touch pork! 

How is the world of Islam going to react when they discover they would be praying to Allah in a Mosque erected on unclean and soiled ground by…PIGS?  Would he get a fatwa from the Mullahs for his demise or be commanded to STOP?

This is a perfectly great opportunity for Imam Rauf to take The Donald up on his offer and make a 25% profit on the building and the Governor Paterson’s offer to purchase property for a Mosque in New York City with tax-payer money!  A WIN-WIN-WIN for ALL concerned!

Wall Street is just blocks from 51 Pork Place and the WALL, hence the name Wall Street, to prevent the pigs that were roaming, eating, defecating, and dying on land where Muslims want to build another Conquest Mosque. 

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s Ground Zero Mosque will be built on soil, ‘IF’ at all, that was owned by a Dutch Farmer where pigs and other unclean animals lived!  It was also the place for slaughtering pigs and a graveyard for all of the unclean and diseased animals.  I’m just saying.