How to win the Hispanic Vote in 2016

For years the Washington GOP has been trying, and failing, to figure out how to win the Hispanic vote.  They’re cultural Conservatives like the GOP, they support Life and Marriage and other such Family Values just like those of us in the Republican Party do.  So why don’t they vote Republican?  Some have said we need to support Amnesty.  Others have said we need to nominate a Hispanic candidate.  But George W Bush didn’t run on Amnesty in 2000 or 2004, and he clearly wasn’t Hispanic, yet he won over 40 percent of the Hispanic vote.  Compare that to the horrible results that McCain and Romney achieved, and you know that GW did something very right, but what was it?  The real question isn’t what did he do right, but why isn’t it obvious to everybody?

The answer is simple, and it’s time that our prospective 2016 candidates learned it.  GW did two things that won him a significant percentage of the Hispanic vote, first he had a strong Family Values message.  Life, Marriage, Tax Relief for Familes, etc. and second and also very important, he had the ability to communicate his message in the language of the Hispanic voters, Spanish.  Now, of course there are many Hispanic voters who not only speak English as their primary language, they don’t even speak Spanish at all, but for a great many Hispanic voters, they do speak Spanish either as their first or second language, and we need a nominee who can speak to those voters in that language.  Of course as we all know, there is also a growing segment of the voting population who is here illegally and doesn’t even speak English at all, and while naturally we don’t want illegals voting, the reality is that they are, so the ability to speak to them in the ‘only’ language they understand, Spanish, is very important to say the least.

For me the bottom line is simple.  While we can debate who our nominee should be, and what their opinion on immigration should be, one thing we all should agree on is that our next nominee should be able to speak to the voters the way that George W Bush did, in their language.  Thanks to the pathetic campaigns of McCain and Romney, our party has turned off a lot of Hispanic voters, and our next nominee needs every advantage that he or she can possibly have.  If our nominee can’t even speak Spanish, it’s going to be a mission impossible to win the Hispanic vote.  If on the other hand, our next nominee can go into the Hispanic community, and talk about the Pro-Family, Pro-Economic Freedom message that we Champion, the way that Bush did in 2000 and 2004, I believe that nominee can get results similar to what we saw back then as well.  So I would say to all potential 2016 nominees, if you’re serious about becoming President of the United States, leading the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement, then prove how serious you are by learning to speak Spanish.  It’s something anyone can do, and it’s something we should require of all our candidates.  With the Hispanic vote being such a large, growing, and important piece of the electorate, we simply can’t afford another nominee who can’t speak Spanish.  We have the winning message, and if we have a candidate who can communicate it in both English and Spanish I believe that 2016 will be a very, very good year indeed.