So far so good in Delaware

In the last few days, since Christine O’Donnell won that glorioous upset-victory over the liberal GOP Establishment, its been pretty much all positive for her and the Tea Party that supported her.  She’s raised a tremendous amount of money, she immediately saw her 16 point defecit cut to 11 points, she’s had tons and tons of positive media attention, pretty much everything has gone her way, other than that dumb move to cancel Sunday Talk show appearances, hopefully she will bring in some new, more professional campaign people who would never make a dumb mistake like that, and who will also get her on shows like O’Reilly and Greta. 

Another major development of course is that her opponent, Chris Coons, has been revealed not only as a fellow who has run up a major defecit despite imposing a massive tax increase on the People, but he in fact described himself as a Marxist.  As if all that weren’t enough, Senator Harry Reid has referred to Coons as ‘my favorite candidate’ and ‘my pet’, that latter comment reportedly will be showing up (if it hasn’t already) in ads paid for by Senator Jim DeMint’s group to the tune of a quarter-million dollars.   In contrast, the DSCC is spending money on behalf of Coons, perhaps even more ‘effectively’ than Castle’s campaign did, and by ‘effectively’ I mean with hilarious stupidity.  As you may recall, Castle basicly attacked O’Donnell as not rich enough for the US Senate, highlighting her past financial difficulties, and suggesting that he, the limosine liberal, would never have those difficulties.  Apparently the DSCC is doing the exact same thing in their own ads, only there’s a kicker, they’re actually not just attacking Christine, but themselves as well! 

I’d like to quote the liberal website ‘Swing State Project’ who said it better than I could, be prepared to laugh when you read what a liberal thinks of the DSCC’s latest Delaware ad campaign:  “DSCC ad says Christine O’Donnell will “fit right in in Washington,” thanks to her personal fiscal irresponsibility. Uh, do they remember who is in charge in DC?”  As funny, and true, as their question was, there’s another point that the Elites of both parties are missing also.  Of course the point that the DSCC, and the Castle folks before them, missed is that it isn’t ‘financial irresponsibility’ to have bills you can’t pay when you simply don’t make the kind of money that these limosine liberals make.  Sure, if you make a million dollars a year then yes, not paying your taxes or not paying your mortgage is total financial irresonsibility.  But when you make 5800 dollars a year (as I think I read recently that’s what she made last year) its more like she’s a financial genius for not having to totally declare bankruptcy at some point.   

Of course the most recent ‘controversy’ surrounds not her lack of wealth, but her misbehavior in High School.  The fact that she ‘dabbled in witchcraft’ back then has been the talk of the media for the last couple days.  This too invites the narrative to be painted quite favorably for Christine in that she can say (as Dick Morris noted on Hannity), basicly ‘Yes I had some friends that were into witchcraft a long time ago, but my opponent has friends that are into big taxes and big spending now’.  Thats quite a stark difference in relevancy for a US Senate seat, and the comparisons just write themselves.  It also of course invites bringing up the whole Marxist thing as well, as O’Reilly did last night. 

With the huge financial advantage, the huge campaign-narrative advantage of a strong Conservative vs a big taxing, big defecit-spending Marxist, it’s really only a matter of time until the polls show not just a dramatic tightening of the race, but in fact of Christine going back into the lead, a lead she had not that long ago, it was only about 2 months ago that she had a 41-39 lead over Coons.  Obviously the fact that the DSCC is already running ads on behalf of Coons tells you everything you need to know about whether they think Christine ‘can win’ or not.  They’re scared of Christine, I’ve heard that Olberman spent a whole show last week on Christine, and just last night spent the first 25 minutes of his show on her.  Happily for me, I did not see either of those shows, so I’m relying on second hand information there 🙂 .  But assuming its true, it certainly shows how seriously they’re taking her candidacy.  A win for Christine in a supposedly ‘safe’ for Democrats state like Delaware will go a very long way indeed to proving what some of us already know, that Conservatism is popular, that the Tea Party is Mainstream, and that the American People are sending a clear message in favor of Conservative Change in November!