November Victory Strategy for Christine O'Donnell

We all heard the outrageous, inexcusable comments last night by Karl Rove, and the NRSC.  We know that the GOP Establishment ran radio and TV ads, wrote articles, etc etc attacking her for her personal financial problems during the Primary.  It seems to me that Christine should wear the scorn of the Establishment as a Badge of Honor.  She’s raising unbelievable amounts of money today from the People, not the powerful, not the establishment, not the elites.  She has the People behind her, and I think that’s exactly the basis of the strategy she should use.  This strategy I’m going to suggest is something that a professional politician, especially a democrat, would see as the most obvious thing in the world, they would use it, and they would win with it.  This is what it is.

Basicly, she should use the criticisms of the Establishment and turn them into a positive.  Not simply ‘the establishment hates me, therefore vote for me’, thats not a bad message in and of itself in a year like this, but no, there’s more, so very much more.  Use the SPECIFIC attacks of the establishment, turn them all into positives.  Embrace the so-called ‘flaws’ of her candidacy.  A campaign message along the lines of “I’m just like you, I’ve had to work hard just to pay my bills, and I haven’t always been able to.  I almost lost my home, I couldn’t always pay my taxes on time, I couldn’t afford to pay the high costs of college.  I understand what you’re going through because I’ve gone through it too, and when I’m in Washington I’m going to be working for you, not the special interests.  The Establishment of both parties look down on people like you and me, you’ve seen the ads they ran against me, attacking me simply because I’ve had financial problems.  They don’t understand that having financial problems doesn’t make you a bad person, it just makes you a normal person.  I do understand, and if you elect me I’ll do everything in my power make things better for people like you and me.  I won’t be a part of the Establishment, because they hate me, and believe me the feeling is mutual.  When I go to Washington my only interest will be in how I can tear the Establishment of both parites down and build the People back up.”  Of course how to take all that and put it into a 30 second ad, that’s the tricky part 🙂 .  But I’m sure it can be done, and done quite effectively.  

I believe this strategy could result in not just a victory for Christine O’Donnell but a landslide victory.  Of course there’s room for criticism of the opposition also, I don’t really know very much about the Democrat in the race and I imagine most Delaware voters know very little to nothing about him also.  Ive heard the phrase ‘bearded marxist’ used, apparently at one time he used it to describe himself.  I’m sure there’s plenty of things they can attack him on, and no doubt they should attack his most extreme views and comments.  But this race is, and should be, about Christine O’Donnell.  Of course if she doesn’t address her critics head on then yes, her best path to victory is to go negative, and this guy is probably liberal enough to beat with just a strategy like that alone.  But if she follows the strategy that I laid out, I believe her negatives will become positives, and she won’t even have to mention her opponent’s name at any point. 

Christine O’Donnell is a hero to much of Conservative America, including many in Delaware, because she led the Tea Party revolt against the GOP Establishment in Delaware.  If she follows the strategy I have laid out, I believe she will be the hero of most Delaware voters, including most Independents and a great many Democrats as well.  I hope that she takes advantage of this incredible opportunity that she has to rise above politics as usual, an opportunity that the Establishment has inadvertently handed to her on a silver platter.