Mike Castle open to endorsing Christine O'Donnell

I was reading one of the many, many articles about the Delaware GOP Senate Primary, this one from Politico, and this particular article featured an interview with Mike Castle.   The real scoop of the story was buried near the end of the article, the reporter asked Mike Castle if he would support Christine O’Donnell if she wins the Primary.  This is his answer “That’s very hypothetical, and I will answer it at some point in the future. If it were to happen, I would look at that. As you know, this has not been a very pleasant experience for anybody, and the concept of supporting one another in this circumstance is going to be difficult for anyone to reach”  thats the exact quote from Politico.  To me the first part of that statement, ‘I will answer it at some point in the future.’ suggests he realizes he’s likely about to lose.  Then he says he would ‘look at it’.  Clearly he’s open to the possibility of endorsing her, that is, after all, what ‘look at it’ means, it means he would consider it.  He basicly seems to be saying, particularly at the end of the quote, that it will be hard for him to do it, and he would like for her to reach out to him and make it easier for him to endorse her, if she wins.  We all know that the only way Christine can lose this race is if the RINOs don’t fall in line behind the nominee of the Party.  If Castle were to endorse Christine her victory in November is virtually a slam dunk. 

Therefore I want to publicly encourage Christine O’Donnell herself, to personally make a phone call to Mike Castle the day after the Primary.  Presumably Mike will make the concession call the night of the vote, don’t ask for his endorsement then, congratulate him on his many years in public service and let him sleep on the results, let him have some time to get over the disappointment of the loss.  Call him personally the next day and graciously ask him if there’s anything you can do to earn his support.  He is an Establishment man, a man of the system, it would do his sense of honor good to endorse you.  If you give him an excuse to do so, he will happily do it.  In short, treat him with respect, and he will do the same for you.  Of course it goes without saying that should he win the Primary, you must do the same for him.

The time for argument, debate, all the back and forth, it’s come and it’s gone.  The time has come now for us all to get on the same page.  Castle has been sinking, O’Donnell has been surging, and neither candidate would be a ‘sure thing’ in November.  That is, unless we have unity.  If the loser endorses the winner, then it is pretty much a sure thing, the winner of the Primary wins in November.  If that doesn’t happen, then its just wide open, anybody’s guess what happens.  But if we do have Party Unity, victory is all but assured.  So please, to Christine and all her supporters, don’t spike the ball on the Star on Election Night.  Hand the ball to the referee, and shake your opponent’s hand.  And of course, if the late polling from the Tea Party and then PPP is somehow totally wrong and Castle ends up winning, it would be nice to have some kind, sympathetic words from Castle and the RINOs who love him so much, we O’Donnell fans would surely need them 🙂 .