This is our chance!

I’ve been seeing a lot of scared comments by RINOs lately, scared that they’re going to lose the seat they thought they were going to win in Delaware, just like they did in Alaska.  Its easy to see from their perspective, just look at it their way for a second, a RINO is always better than a Conservative, a RINO is more likely to win than a Conservative, and besides those Conservatives are just a bunch of Christians who aren’t very bright anyway, so best to keep them as far away from our Party as possible, so that we don’t have to associate with them or, even worse, have people actually mistake us for one of them.   Heck, we might not get invited to as many fancy parties if something like that happened.  That’s their perspective, so naturally they’re quite frightened that principled Conservative Christine O’Donnell is on the verge of defeating one of their own, Mike Castle.  So naturally the long knives are out between now and election day.

First there was the charge that she was unelectable.  That charge seems particularly hollow this year, given that we already won in Massachusetts, a much more liberal state than Delaware, and New Jersey, again a more liberal state than Delaware, with candidates that were pretty Conservative overall.  Of course the poll showing her beating the Democrat also didn’t help that cause (of course there are other polls showing her trailing the Democrat as well, clearly it’ll be close either way). 

Another charge was basicly that she wasn’t rich enough to be a Senator.  Unlike Mike Castle who is a limosine liberal, it seems Christine isn’t always able to pay her bills on time, although she has never failed to pay anything she has ever owed to anyone, but she just isn’t wealthy enough for some of the RINOs tastes.  And that’s understandable, the RINOs tend to be quite wealthy, and the idea of people actually having to take some time to pay their bills could be foreign to them, but those of us in the real world have a certain familiarity with that concept, whether we like it or not 🙂 . 

Of course another concept the RINOs are unfamiliar with is Conservatism generally, which naturally is why they loves them some Mike Castle.  But Conservatism is what’s causing our massive successes this year.  This is an incredible Republican year, not for the establishment RINOs like Castle and Murkowski and Bennett and Crist, etc etc etc but for mainstream Conservative Republicans, like Miller, and Rubio, and Paul, and Buck, and Haley, and O’Donnell, etc etc etc.  We the Conservatives, including in particular those Conservatives in the Tea Party, are driving voter turnout like never before.  Typicly in primaries Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans, but this year, for the first time in MANY decades, Republicans are actually outnumbering Democrats by MILLIONS of votes.  This isn’t thanks to the RINOs, this is IN SPITE OF the RINOS.  Its their ‘leadership’ that drove our party out of power.  We need fresh new Leadership, and this is our year to do it.  Christine O’Donnell will be a big part of that process. 

Let’s face it, anybody who tells you ‘We can’t vote for a Conservative in Delaware this year, Delaware isn’t Conservative enough’, what they’re really saying is they won’t EVER vote for a Conservative in Delaware, because if a Conservative can’t win this year, the strongest Conservative year in modern history, with weak Democrat running as a bonus, then maybe we really never will.  But I don’t believe that for a minute, and even if I did believe it I still wouldn’t just give up and start voting for liberals.

The good news is this, Christine O’Donnell is within single digits, both of Mike Castle and the democrat (and that’s if you don’t believe the poll that showed Christine ahead of the democrat).  This is an extremely close race, and that’s why the RINOs are running scared tonight, thats why they’ve launched this massive negative assault on the personal character of Christine.  They know they can’t win on the issues, how could they?  Castle is on the wrong side of all the issues, pro-abortion, pro-cap and trade, pro-union, pro-big government.  Christine O’Donnell is a proud Conservative, she’s the opposite of Castle on all those issues, and so much more.  She is a woman of very strong character, the attacks against her are of course false, as last minute desperation attacks generally are.  In Alaska the Tea Party overcame a massive defecit (possibly more than 30 points)  with their ad campaign, in Delware the margin they have to overcome is just 5 points.  The RINOs know that the Tea Party can, and will, overcome that narrow margin very easily, that’s why they’re out to destroy Christine O’Donnell personally.  Unless they can totally destroy her between now and election day, she wins, it’s really as simple as that.  It’s up to folks like you and me, between now and then, to do our part to help a good Conservative, and a great American, Christine O’Donnell, win this election.  She needs our help, the RINOs will stop at nothing to prevent a repeat of Alaska, and we need to do everything we can to make sure that they don’t succeed. 

This is our chance, in Delaware September 14th is our November.  If we lose, it’s liberal vs liberal in November, we lose either way, by default.  We can only win in November if we win in September.  So let’s win in September, and again in November!  This is our year, this is our candidate, we can win this!