California Judge rules in favor of himself

I never really understood why so many Conservatives didn’t like Shepard Smith, but certainly his coverage today of the ruling by the homosexual judge in California made it pretty clear that they were right all along.  Not once in his coverage, in which he referred to the ruling as a ‘civil rights’ ruling, as if skin color and sodomy were the same thing, did he mention the fact that the judge who ruled in a pro-homosexual way was, in fact, a homosexual himself.  The fact that the judge didn’t see any ‘logic’ in the Constitutional Amendment that declared marriage as being between a man and a woman isn’t surprising, given his own personal sexual practices, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Voters logic is indeed far superior to his own. 

Of course, his own lack of intelligence shouldn’t even be relevant if he simply did his job.  It’s not his job to rule whether the Constitution is ‘logical’ on a given point or not, it’s his job to uphold it, not to only uphold the parts he agrees with.  He likely wouldn’t find the Freedom of Speech for those who disapprove of sodomy to be ‘logical’ either, and he would probably put people in jail for simply reading various passages from the Bible if he could (as has already happened elsewhere where the far-left has more power), but the fact is that judges are supposed to uphold the Constitution, not make laws based on their own personal preferences, sexual or otherwise.  I don’t know exactly how the system works in California, but given that they have recall for their Governor it would certainly be nice if they have recall for judges also, he definitely should be impeached.