"Culture Warriors" Wave White Flag

Earlier this evening, The O’Reilly Factor had a segment with the ‘Culture Warriors’, and while one of the regulars wasn’t on, the comments they made were stunning, and nothing short of outrageous.  Tonight’s segment was about a series of moral issues that there had been recent polling done on, including abortion, homosexuality, adultry, etc. basicly various immoral activities were polled and the American public was asked whether they viewed these things as morally wrong or not.  They discussed a number of issues, but the two issues that stood out were abortion and homosexuality, because the answers that these ‘Cultural Warriors’ gave were answers that you could’ve gotten if the ‘Warriors’ names were Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow.  Im not kidding, these Fox News people, these self proclaimed ‘Culture Warriors’ were pro-abortion, and pro-gay sex. 

In fairness, one of them, Gretchen I believe, didn’t really want to take a position at all on abortion, but her comments basicly took the form of ‘I dont want to say whether I think its right or wrong, but it should be legal’, and the other one, the one who was substituting for Margaret Hoover, who wasn’t there tonight, basicly tried to take a similar position but went further in saying that abortion was ‘morally acceptable’ if you want one.  Maybe I’m engaging in pure wishful thinking here, but I don’t believe that Margaret Hoover would’ve given that kind of evil answer had she been there. 

On the issue of homosexual sex, there was no debate, no ifs ands or buts, they just both plainly stated their outright support of gay sex.  Really?  No qualifiers, no pretense of caring about right and wrong whatsoever, just straight out support.  Now, granted the way the question was phrased in the poll itself was ‘homosexual sex’ which includes men and women, and while obviously a lot more people would approve of sex between women than between men so obviously the wording of the poll skewed the results for the folks who were answering the poll, the way these two answered the question so strongly in favor clearly indicated their outright support of sodomy, there’s no doubt about that. 

Where have we gone as a society when two people can claim to be ‘Culture Warriors’ and state on national television, on a Conservative network no less, their support of killing babies and men sodomizing each other?  Again, this wasn’t political at all.  Nobody even asked them a political question, they didn’t have to say whether they felt these evil acts should be legal, those comments they made in favor of abortion being legal were entirely volunteered, Bill actually asked them NOT to give an option on the legality of abortion, to keep it strictly on the morality of it, but they couldn’t resist.  And of course they weren’t commenting on any laws against sodomy, they were stating only their personal opinions in favor of the acts themselves.  Again, this was not in any way about these ‘Culture Warriors’ being morally opposed to abortion and sodomy but feeling it should be legal anyway, this was about their outright support of these morally reprehensible actions.  Where have we come as a society, where the one Conservative network on TV gives its unanimous support to abortion and sodomy during the highest rated show on the Network, even if it was ‘only’ one segment of the show?  For the record, Bill did not take a position on either issue, he merely put the topics out there for the so-called ‘Culture Warriors’ to discuss.  Indeed if these women were ‘Culture Warriors’, then Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow would be equally suited to that title.

In the interests of fairness, I would like to point out that they did at least come out against one form of evil, adultry.  Apparently it isn’t ‘cool’ enough yet for the so-called Culture Warriors to embrace, although at the rate our society is decaying it may only be a matter of time.  It is indeed a sad sign of the times that something like this could happen, and it reminds us all of just how desperately our nation needs God, and needs prayer.  Only through God can our nation return to the awesomeness that it used to have, back when morals were common and families were stable.  When people cared about others, and doing what’s right, as a matter of course.  I hope and pray that we can get back to that in America.