A glorious victory indeed!

Last night’s victory in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (or the People’s Republic of Massachusetts as it was commonly referred to in the past) has brought with it great joy, tremendous celebration, and just an all-round feeling of happiness to not just to Republicans or Conservatives, but to Conservative Democrats, Independents and Tea Party supporters as well.  Indeed it was a victory for everyone who wasn’t a liberal Democrat.  But amidst all the joy and celebration, what lessons can we take from this monumental victory, one that shook the Washington Establishment to its core? 

For starters, that we aren’t alone.  That we as Republicans, along with Independents and Tea Partiers and Conservative Democrats, are a majority even in one of the bluest of states (and they don’t come much bluer than Massachusetts).  Second, candidates matter.  The Democrats put up, in theory, their best possible candidate, the state Attorney General who was elected with 74% of the vote.  She was for Massachusetts what Blumenthal is for Connecticut and Dodd’s seat, the top Democrat in the state, huge margin of victory in the previous race, and with early polling showing a massive lead for their candidate.  She had everything going her way, so it was imperitive that we also find a good candidate.  In Scott Brown, we found someone who was a regular American, someone who drives a truck, is married with two children, who works hard, plays by the rules, and isn’t afraid to go to Fenway Park and shake hands.  Even in the cold.  He’s a common man, a working man, the kind of person who doesn’t fit in with the Washington Elites, but who fits in very well with Main Street America, even Main Street Massachusetts.  Thats an advantage that money can’t buy, and the type of candidate that can overcome even the most powerful of political machines.

So going forward, where can we apply these lessons?  Everywhere, but two cases in particular come to mind right away.  The powerful and the elite vs the common, hard working man is playing itself out in two high profile Senate Primaries, in Florida and California.  In each case, we would be wise to heed the example of Scott Brown (or as he perhaps should be referred to from now on, Great Scott) and go with the common man, the anti-elite, the man who works hard, plays by the rules, doesn’t have the huge money but has the huge desire to do good and help others.  Let us support Marco Rubio and Chuck DeVore in their quests to become the next Great Scott!