Does the AP respect women?

Like many of us tonight, I enjoyed watching the ‘Double Feature’ of ‘An American Carol’ and ‘Expelled’, two fantastic movies that were quite the treat to enjoy together, and I must say they inspired me.  I could write about the evils of political correctness as witnessed in American Carol, about how we always have to be vigilant in the fight against the forces of evil, at home and abroad.  Political correctness also rears its ugly head in a big, big way in ‘Expelled’ also, where Ben Stein reveals how the PC forces are fighting against scientific freedom, to prevent those of us who know God and that He created the Universe, from being allowed to prove that through science.  Expelled ends with a call to action, Ben asks us to work to expose the actions of the PC folks so that one day we can bring down their wall of tyranny and let Freedom shine through once again.  There is a lot of evil that the forces of Political Correctness have been up to lately, I don’t know where to begin, but I’d like to actually use something that I read earlier this evening to, in some small way, expose them for the frauds that they are. 

The ‘politicly correct’ crowd would argue that they respect women, and that it is the Christian folks, the Conservative folks, the decent, hard working, middle Americans who don’t respect women.  They offer as evidence of this so-called respect they have, that they support the right to kill innocent unborn children at any moment prior to (and in some cases even after) complete live birth.  To the rest of us of course, this isn’t evidence at all, but perhaps there is a greater insight we can gain by looking at some of their recent actions.  I’d like to mention two of these actions in particular, one of which all of us here are quite familiar with, the second I’ll wager almost noone here has heard about, nor would you ever hear about it if you weren’t about to read it here. 

First, of course, is the way they savaged Governor Sarah Palin’s new book, doing extensive ‘fact checking’ that was in reality ‘opinion checking’, and their research certainly uncovered that Governor Palin did not have the ‘politicly correct’ opinion for the liberal sensibilities at the AP.  The fact that they never fact checked ANY of Obama’s three books, not at the time of their publishing, nor at ANY point since, could simply be chalked up to the fact that they’re incredibly biased, not just against women but against Conservatives, and in favor of not just men, but liberals.  Fine, taken by itself you could make that argument, I suppose it might even seem a reasonable explanation for their obvious double standard.  But then I read something earlier tonight, also by our PC friends at the AP, and it just gave me what I believe is an incredible insight into the true thinking of these liberal PC folks, and I believe you will be as shocked as I was when I first read it. 

It was an AP article on the ‘Female Athlete of the Year’.  Now, you might assume Im going to criticize who they named as the #1 Female Athlete of the Year, and to be sure there is plenty of reason to disagree with giving the award to the woman who deserves the ‘worst behaved female athlete of the year’, instead of someone who is a true role model, such as one of the members of the incredible Penn State Womens Volleyball team, a team that has done something that noone has ever done before, three straight Championships and over 100 games undefeated, any one of the Seniors on that team would’ve surely been more deserving of this award, but their choice of #1 is not the source of my outrage, rather it is who they selected as #2.  The runner up in the voting, the one who ALMOST won the voting, the voting done by the AP itself.  You might want to be seated for this, you might not believe me when I say this, but you can look it up for yourself, its true, its darn true.  The #2 ‘Female Athlete of the Year’ according to the AP, the athlete that according to the AP was a better ‘female athlete’ than any other woman in the world but one…..was A HORSE.  Yes folks, Zenyatta, a fine horse to be sure, with a 14-0 record and everything, a HORSE is more deserving of ‘Female Athlete of the Year’ than any of the excellent members of the WNBA, the LPGA, Softball, Soccer, Track and Field, or of course the already mentioned amazing Volleyball Team at Penn State.  These incredible Women Athletes are less worthy of respect, according to the AP itself, than a HORSE.  I seriously can only imagine something like this being done as satire by some radio shock-jock, and then the guy probably getting fired.  The idea that something like this could actually be SERIOUSLY written and voted on by ANYONE is mind-boggling to me.  The fact that it was the AP, such a powerful bastion of Political Correctness, where there is supposed ‘respect’ for women, this proves what we already should have known, that they have no respect for women.  They have exposed themselves for the frauds that they truly are, and we should never allow them to regain a shred of the dignity that they have forfeited through their own bigoted behavior.  The PC types in general, and the AP in particular, deserve no respect nor should they ever again be thought of as ‘tolerant’ or ‘respectful of women’.  They only pretend to be so to get what they want, and when they aren’t pretending, their true colors shine through loud and clear.  We as Conservatives, and as Christians, should always expose this kind of fraud and corruption wherever we find it, and I must say it is especially satisfying to expose the far left PC types, like the AP folks, for the frauds that they are.