Sarah Palin gets it Right again

When I first heard about Governor Palin’s decision to resign as Governor, I was surprised, and curious to find out why.  I was afraid she was quitting politics for some reason, even though there was no reason that was apparent.  Having heard her eloquent speech, having read her comments that she gave via ‘tweet’ and facebook, it is apparent that my fears were happily unfounded.  She isn’t quitting the game, she’s changing the rules. 

No longer will the liberal media be free to lie, distort, and viciously smear her and her family without her being able to respond.  Being Governor of Alaska was a great job, a job that she did better than perhaps any Alaskan Governor in history, and certainly she was the most effective Governor in America, getting more positive results in one term than others get done in mutiple terms.  However that job comes with a steep price, while she is helping make Alaska a better place, she is unable to respond to the far-left in the lower 48 states.  A change needed to be made, and she made it in dramatic style.  Certainly she is right in saying that her decision is in the best interests of Alaska, as not only will her Presidency be the biggest thing for Alaska since they became a state, but in the meantime she’s leaving Alaska in the capable leadership of her right hand man, a man who will continue and build on her legacy of tremendous accomplishment and achievement. 

I’ve written extensively in the past on what I feel Governor Palin should do to prepare for the 2012 campaign, but I’d like to re-state, and expand on those suggestions just a bit at this time.  First, my suggestions that she start a PAC and campaign for other candidates, she did that and that has worked out excellently.  She saved the Georgia Senate seat, and did so in truly impressive fashion.  No doubt as she travels America and campaigns for more outstanding candidates she will continue to impress, as while she has proven her awesome leadership abilities, she also has proven amazing campaigning skills also, and the more she does it the better, for herself as well as for all of America.  Another suggestion that I made, that I really hope she will take (maybe she has already) is that she learn Spanish.  That is so important.  For all the inside the beltway chatter that the only way to win the Hispanic vote is the offer amnesty and other such benefits to illegals, how’d that work for John McCain?  George Bush scored a very impressive amount of the Hispanic vote, and he did so by, quite literally, speaking their language.  That’s always the key to winning over a key voting demographic, speaking their language, and in this case its a bit more literal than usual 🙂 .  Hispanics are culturally Conservative, their views are a perfect fit with those of Governor Palin’s, if she can speak their language she can win them over in record numbers.  One other suggestion I would like to make is that she follow up on one point she made in her speech as soon as possible, and that is the point she made about campaigning for people ‘regardless of party’.  Specificly, she needs to find one (no need to stop at one of course) Democrat that she can support, promote, and make the symbol of her new kind of politics, that puts principle over party.  It’s nice to say that you’re willing to support like minded Democrats, but saying it doesn’t make the impact that actually doing it does, once she actually does it she will start reaping the benefits, she will have proven her character and leadership to all those fair minded Democrats and Independents out there who just needed a reason to believe.  She should find this person and make him/her famous, just like Joe the Plumber.  It will be a win-win, for her, for the candidate, for America.

I’m proud to call myself a long time supporter of Govenor Palin’s, I was one of the people who campaigned hard to get Senator McCain to pick her as his running mate.  She was the reason a lot of people, including myself, ended up voting for him in November.  If she had been at the top of the ticket we’d probably have won.  I believe that with Sarah Palin at the top of the ticket in 2012 we will win, and America will win!