A Post Election Plan, Part Three

In the first two parts of this series, I delved into some very basic, but very essential, elements of the plan, and if you haven’t yet read them I encourage you to do so after reading this, part three.   Part three will focus on tips for what Governor Palin should do as she prepares for a 2012 Presidential Campaign. 

First, let us remind ourselves that one of the key swing voting groups is the Hispanic vote.  They are naturally Conservative, good Christian Americans, strongly pro-Life and pro-Marriage.  It is only due to an extreme lack of basic judgement that there are more Democrats than Republicans among this voting group, as the Hispanic vote should be going 70-30 or better for the Republicans each year.  Sadly, this year it pretty much went 70-30 against us, and obviously you can’t win elections when a huge voting group that SHOULD be overwhelmingly on your side, is overwhelmingly on the other side.  Some have said in the past that the key to winning this group is by being pro illegal immigration.  Well, the GOP nominee was the most pro-illegal in GOP history, and yet he lost the Hispanic vote by a historic landslide, to a candidate that Hispanics had already proven they didnt even like, in the Democratic Primaries.  So anyone who suggests that our future nominees should be pro-illegal have been proven wrong once and for all.  Instead we should focus our efforts to winning this group of voters by making some simple efforts.  Governor Palin must immediately learn Spanish.  Speaking Spanish was key to George Bush’s success Amongst the Hispanic vote, and certainly it helped Obama to speak a bit of Spanish.  I never heard McCain speak any Spanish at all, if he did it was VERY VERY little because I heard a LOT of McCain, and it was all English all the time.  If you quite literally cannot speak their language, you are going to have a hard time getting their vote.   Obviously there are other elements to winning the Hispanic vote, including putting an increased emphasis on Family, Life, Marriage, the moral issues that Governor Palin supports and that the Hispanic Community is in 100% agreement with her, and us, on. 

Another important element will be the tax issue.  Its likely that Obama and the Congressional Democrats will raise our taxes between now and 2012, and the American People will be very much interested in lower, and fairer, taxes.  To that end, Governor Palin should embrace the Fair Tax, make that issue her own, much the way that Governor Huckabee did in Iowa, and rode that issue all the way to victory in the First in the Nation Caucuses.  The Fair Tax is both extremely popular and, well, extremely fair.  The American People will love this proposal once they hear about it and understand it.  Championing such an awesome piece of legislation will be of great benefit to the Governor, both in the Primary and in the General Election as well. 

Third, I’m not sure how many people here regularly watch ‘Mr Independent’ Lou Dobbs, weeknights on CNN.  I very much enjoyed watching him this campaign cycle, he is extremely fair, very knowledgeable, and brings a unique insight that the American People identify with, as it is the American People that he sides with on the important issues, not the special interests or the ideaologues on either side of the aisle.  If you watched him regularly during the General Election, you know that he very much disliked Obama, McCain, AND Biden, and the only person he liked was Governor Palin.  He constantly came to her defense as the liberal media lied about and slandered her, constantly attacking the liberal media for their bias and distortions.  This man can, and should, be one of the Governor’s biggest allies in the media in 2012.  His support will gain Governor Palin the support of countless Independent Americans who regularly watch Lou’s show, his endorsement would be quite simply invaluable.  Also, his expertise on the most important issues of the day, including Border Security, Free and Fair Trade, the War on the Middle Class, etc would be of immense benefit to the Governor, as even though Governor Palin no doubt is far more knowledgeable on matters such as these than most give her credit for, the fact is that Lou Dobbs is one of the best and brightest in America on these issues, if she works together with him in forming her campaign platform on these crucial issues not only will it result in tremendous support from Lou and the Independent Minded Americans who watch his show, but it will quite simply result in an awesome campaign platform, and better Government once she is elected President, which means that everyone is a winner.

So these are my reccomendations in Part Three of this Post Election Plan.  In short, Governor Palin should learn Spanish, embrace the Fair Tax, and meet and work with Lou Dobbs, a man who supported her this year and no doubt will support her even more strongly in 2012 if she plays her cards right.  Remember, if you haven’t read the first two parts of this plan yet, please do so now.  Thank you.