A Post-Election Plan, Part Two

Hi. In Part One of this Post-Election Plan series I gave some advice to our candidate in 2012, Govenror Sarah Palin. I described in detail why it was vital that she immediately set up a PAC, and much more. If you haven’t read Part One, please do so after reading this. We’re still two days out from the Election, so I want to focus on more things that should be done regardless of the outcome. Like you, I am hoping and praying that McCain-Palin win this election. The following advice that I will be offering will be advice that will come in handy regardless of what happens in the election.

First, be generous with your time and money, a little could go a long way in this important step. We all should donate to our local library, but I imagine most of us, myself included, have never done so. For those of us who haven’t, let’s make this year the first! We’ve all seen the book “Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned the Political Establishment Upside Down” by Kaylene Johnson. I think we all know this is an excellent book about Governor Palin, and that it would be fantastic if everyone in America could read it. With that in mind I would like to ask each of you to find out if your local library has a copy of this excellent book, and if it doesn’t please donate a copy to them. If they already have a copy, perhaps another nearby library might be in need of one. Of course, if you know of an even better book, especially if your local library already has a copy of this excellent book, feel free to donate that one instead. Donating to our local libraries will make us feel good, knowing that we’re helping a good cause will make us feel great!

The next idea is similar to the first, and also very important. As you know, the Christmas Season is fast upon us, and what better gift to give our loved ones than the gift of knowledge? To that end, I would like to ask you to follow my lead, in giving the ‘Sarah’ book when you’re gift-giving this year. Of course it doesn’t have to be during the holidays, this is an excellent gift for birthdays or other special occasions.

The key is to spread knowledge. Governor Palin has a lot of liberal media bias to overcome. The liberals have gotten away with, thanks to the ineptitude of the McCain campaign, enabling the American people to simultaneously believe that Sarah Palin isnt qualified to be President, but that Obama is. Obviously thats pure sexism, since she is vastly more experienced and qualified than Obama is, but that sexism hasn’t been confronted with the ferocity that the Hillary campaign confronted the sexism they faced in the primaries. Republicans generally, and the McCain campaign specificly, have shown themselves to be quite weak at fighting sexist attacks by Democrats. As supporters of Governor Sarah Palin, we cannot be like that. If we allow ourselves to be weak in fighting sexism, we, and Governor Palin, will surely lose in 2012, as the sexism isnt going away, if anything it will likely get worse. One of the best ways of fighting sexist ignorance is with knowledge. I always tell my friends that Governor Palin cut taxes, cut spending, took on the big oil companies, balanced the budget and in fact ran a surplus, and gave 1200 dollars back to every taxpayer in Alaska. I tell them that makes her not just the most popular Governor in America, which the polls show, but in fact the most successful Governor in America. I usually dont even bother pointing out that incredible pipeline deal, or the killing the brdige to nowhere, or any of the other things she has done for Alaska and the Alaskan Taxpayer, because that information alone is enough to make my point quite powerfully. The more people read this book, and learn all those details and MORE, that will go a LONG way toward overcoming the ignorant sexism that has been rampant from the Obama media.

The very idea that they have turned the most popular, successful, and yes VERY ‘qualified’ Governor in America into someone seen by over half of America as ‘unqualified’ is an extreme outrage to me, and I know it is to you as well. But it isn’t enough to whine about and it and then shrug our shoulders, if we do that the sexist liberal media will have scored one of their biggest victories ever. They want to steal America’s Margaret Thatcher from us, to deny us, as well as America as a whole, her historic Presidency and outstanding leadership. We can’t, and I trust we WON’T, let that happen. Please join with me in taking solid, positive steps in fighting the ignorance and sexism, these are steps we can, and should, take regardless of who wins the election Tuesday.