A Post-Election Plan, Part One

Like you, I am hoping and praying that McCain-Palin win the election Tuesday. I am certainly more optimistic now that the polls are tightening and the Campaign has finally hit its stride. However as a Chess Master I know the importance of looking far ahead, and that is something that is very important in politics also. It is so easy to get into the heat of a campaign and forget what it is you’re supposed to be doing. Just look at what the McCain campaign has done for the last few weeks. If they’d made a good plan for the stretch run, they’d have been focusing on their winning issues, Drilling for Oil and attacking Obama’s support for drivers liscenses for illegals. These are HUGELY winning issues for McCain, but because his campaign apparently had no real plan for the final month of the campaign they’re being completely ignored. This is a mistake that could’ve been easily avoided simply by having a plan. Let’s not make the same mistake.

To that end, I am presenting a series, not just a single post, on where we go from here Post-Election. Much of this advice will be for our candidate in 2012, Governor Sarah Palin. She’s new to national politics, and some of the tried and true methods of winning elections, especially primary elections, may be things she isn’t familiar with. I’ll detail some of the most important steps she needs to take to make sure she secures the nomination of our Party, so that she can go up against either Majority Leader Hillary Clinton, or President Obama (depending on who wins Tuesday), from a position of maximum strength and effectiveness.

One of the most important things that Governor Palin can do is to set up a Political Action Committee, the sooner the better. The basic function of this PAC will of course be to raise money to give to various Conservative Republicans running for office throughout America, especially those who are running in the early primary/caucus states such as Iowa and New Hampshire. While it is noble and good in and of itself to raise money for these deserving candidates, the ultimate goal of this PAC is not simply to elect more Conservative Republicans to office, it is to to elect Conservative Republicans to office who will then support Governor Palin in her 2012 Primary campaign. Campaigning for, and raising money for candidates is one of the most basic early building blocks of any potential Presidential campaign, as it lays an important foundation for when you actually announce your candidacy.

Another important thing is to learn how to effectively raise funds, something that is obviously easier said than done, but it is nevertheless something that MUST be done. We’re in a new time, a new age of fundraising, the old ways don’t work anymore, as we’re finding out in a big and terrible way right now. Only one Republican in the 2008 Primary season had a clue how to raise big money via the Internet, and it certainly wasn’t John McCain so she can’t learn from him. Its important to study just how Obama on the left and Ron Paul on the right raised such impressive sums via the internet, as Governor Palin cannot afford to be outspent the way that John McCain has been. There’s just no sense in letting it happen when we don’t have to, its like starting a football game down 14-0, completely unacceptable. Granted, a lot of Obama’s money may have been raised via fraud, the Washington Post just had an interesting article about that recently, but even so he surely raised enough money legitimately to make the methods he used worth studying. It’s also worth noting that Hillary had an extremely effective Internet fundraising effort, and in the end it may be that hers is the model that Sarah should use for her own campaign, certainly it would be particularly good PR to say that she’s modeling her fundraising efforts after Hillary’s.

Of course there is much, much more for Governor Palin, as well as Conservatives in general, to focus on after this Election, but I want to close Part One of this series with the reminder that we still have 5 days until the Election, and everything will be so much nicer if John McCain is in the White House and Sarah Palin is running for President from Washington instead of Alaska. A lot is on the line, and we can all do more, so let’s get to it 🙂 .