This clever move could win McCain the election

We all know that tomorrow Obama will be on several major TV stations for a half an hour of….well, we dont know what exactly, but he’s got a half hour to do or say whatever he wants. The McCain campaign should purchase a half hour on the same networks, or at least ONE of the networks, and let it be known in advance what it will be, because it will be VERY news-worthy and cause people to want to tune in. They should announce that for half an hour, Sarah Palin will take questions from Dan Rather, live, unedited, no area off limits.

This idea came to me after seeing Dan recently on the Joe Scarborough morning show, it occured to me that Dan is fighting pretty hard to remain in any way relevant these days. I know most here probably still dislike him because of what he did to Bush in 2004, but he’s getting up there in years and I think he would jump at the chance to do something like this, to suddenly be the most relevant journalist in America again. And the public would watch because they still like and trust him (they certainly know hes no friend to Republicans after what he pulled in 2004), and no doubt they would expect him to ask tough but fair questions, which I believe he would do. If Sarah is able to stand up to a half hour of live, unedited, no area off limits, tough questioning it would put to rest once and for all the doubts that any fair minded person could have about her, and since those doubts are the only thing standing between McCain and victory at this point, a strong performance by Governor Palin with America watching should pretty much guarantee McCain the election. We know she’s capable of doing it, certainly she had one bad interview but that sure beats Biden by a MILE, its unclear whether he’s had more bad interviews or good ones at this point in the campaign 🙂 . No doubt that she would do an excellent job fielding Dan’s tough questions, and it would truly be a historic evnet just days before Election Day, so maximum viewership would be assured.

I can’t overstate just how much something like this could help McCain win, and I hope they decide to do it. After she can beat Joe Biden like a government mule in their debate, answering Dan Rather’s questions should be a piece of cake for the Governor!