The winning move for McCain

By now we all know that Barak Obama has bought 30 minutes of Prime Time TV that he will use in about a week. What we don’t know is how McCain plans to counter that. Right now it kind’ve seems like he DOESNT plan to counter it, which of course would be insane, particularly given how cheap this ad buy was, according to media reports. It seems the half hour time was less than a million dollars per network, a price so low even the McCain campaign could swing it. But the question is, how could McCain put a half hour of prime time television to best use? The answer is surprisingly simple, give it to Sarah Palin. Ask yourself this question. Who do the American People want to see? Who moved the numbers more for McCain than anyone else? One of the major reasons why McCain is behind is because the media’s relentless attacks on her have not properly been answered, and this would give her a chance to show the American people how wrong those attacks were.

With thirty minutes of prime time, they would be able to start with a bit more detailed background on her accomplishements in Alaska, rooting out GOP corruption, cutting taxes and spending, taking on the big oil companies and giving 1200 dollars to every taxpayer in Alaska due to her massive budget surplus. Then go into some of the issues in this campaign, selling McCain in a way that he simply cannot, or will not, do himself. This will work better than anything McCain could do with 30 minutes simply because more people will watch her than will watch him. If done right, and theres no reason why it wouldn’t be, her numbers will go way up, leading to his numbers going up, and winning the election. I certainly hope the McCain campaign goes this route, instead of squandering the same amount of money on 30 second ads that won’t have nearly the same impact.

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