The single most important talking point about Governor Palin is being ignored

I honestly didn’t expect the Obama campaign to be stupid enough to actually attack Governor Palin on experience, considering he has so much less than she does, although I did think ‘somebody’ would, and a while back I made the point, one that apparently nobody in the McCain campaign has yet figured out, that there is an EXTREMELY effective, and important, way to refute those attacks.

When someone attacks Governor Palin on the Experience issue, you don’t meekly sit back and accept the attack, you counter-attack, first by pointing out the experience that she has and that its more than Obama has, and you DONT STOP THERE, the next part is KEY. You then do what Hillary Clinton’s supporters would do, and will appreciate greatly. You ask them why they’re holding a woman to a higher standard than a man. Let me repeat this, and I’m going to put it in bold text, because I want to make sure everybody understands this, this is the single most important talking point that anyone can use when discussing the Governor’s experience. You MUST POINT OUT THAT THEY ARE HOLDING A WOMAN TO A HIGHER STANDARD THAN A MAN. This is how you win the argument in the most effective, and delicious, way possible. Also, if you like, bring up the Hillary talking point that her campaign was the victim of sexism in the media, and that it is now being practiced against Governor Palin.

These points are effective, and TRUE. There really is no doubt in my mind that a man with all of Governor Palin’s experience and accomplishments would not be treated by the media as ‘inexperienced’ the way she has been. Its really an absurd charge on its face, and if she were a man people would just laugh at it. When you’ve got 12 years of Executive Experience, when you’ve taken on major corrupt leaders of your own party and defeated them, when you’ve balanced budgets and taken on major special interests and given huge rebates from your budget surpluss to your citizens, when you’re the most popular Governor in America, for someone to say that person is ‘inexperienced’ is for them to make a fool of themselves, and we need to make sure that they always look that way, the way they deserve to look, by using nothing less than the most effective arguments possible against these rediculous attacks.

So let me say this one more time, because I honestly believe its that important. When discussing Governor Palin’s experience, please don’t fail to mention, after you explain that she has more experience than Obama, that she, as a woman, is being held to a higher standard than a man. This argument is far too powerful, far too accurate, and far too important, to ever pass up.