People who call Governor Palin 'Risky' have it completely wrong

It is frustrating and sort of hilarious all at once, to hear various Washington ‘talking heads’ (mostly liberals, of course) talk about Governor Palin as ‘risky’ or ‘inexperienced’, when it’s so obvious that none of that is true. Of course, there is a reason why they say that, perhaps even believe it, and why some others may believe it also, and that is because 24 hours ago they’d never heard of her.

The arrogance of Washington, it seems, is such that if they don’t know you, what there is to know about you simply isnt worth knowing. Therefore since they’d never heard of her, and she’s a woman, whatever she’s done must not be worth knowing about, therefore she’s inexperienced, unqualified, risky, etc. Its amazing the arrogance of ignorance.

If they had bothered doing the research that I, and no doubt many of you, had done already, maybe MONTHS ago even, they would know that she has tremendous experience, and is a Reformer with Results. She doesnt just talk about reform, she achieves it. She doesnt just talk about putting Government’s fiscal house in order, she does it. She doesn’t just talk about fighting corruption within her own party, she gets results. She’s accomplished so much more than Obama that it is a complete embarassment to ‘the one’. Yet, because she has accomplished all this in Alaska instead of, say, California, the media never really cared and so now most people still don’t know her awesome record of experience and results. It is up to the Mccain Campaign to educate the people of America about the Governor’s incredible record, they can’t count on Washington talking heads to do it for them, in fact much of Washington seems willing and able to throw up as big a smokescreen over that record as possible.

The fact is that this election will be determined, to a large degree, by the disaffected Clinton Democrats and Independent Women, and Governor Palin’s appeal to those groups is unmatched, and for that reason to NOT pick her would’ve been the risky choice, because McCain would’ve been risking needlessly losing those key groups, that with her he can definitely win. I hope in the days to come we’ll see some TV ads touting Governor Palin’s record and experience, that the McCain surrogates will really get out there and talk about it, and that the Governor herself will make the rounds on the major Sunday shows to communicate her story. The outcome of this election depends on her story being known by the American people. If they know her as well as we know her, there is no doubt that McCain-Palin will be a winning ticket in November.