John Kasich and Kirsten Powers agree on FOX

I was watching Hannity tonight, and they had John Kasich and Kirsten Powers on, and while they come from opposite sides of the political spectrum they did seem to agree on one VERY important issue, one of THE most important issues remaining in this campaign, the issue of who will John McCain pick as his running mate. It seems that both Kasich and Powers agree that McCain ‘will’ pick either Romney or Pawlenty, but that he ‘should’ pick a woman. That is excellent analysis, and I agree completely with them. It seems most people, like Kasich, Powers, and Dick Morris, can see what is right in front of them, and that is the KEY swing vote in this election is the womens vote, and McCain can win that vote by picking a woman.

Another important aspect of this decision, in the wake of tonight’s speech (and probably tomorrow’s night speech will have a familiar theme in this regard), the Democrats are saying ‘McCain is more of the same’. Imagine this, you’ve just heard days worth of ‘McCain is more of the same’ and you’re just starting to think maybe its true, simply because you’ve heard it so much. Suddenly, you hear McCain’s choice for a running mate. Right then and there, John will probably either prove them RIGHT, or prove them WRONG. If McCain picks Romney, Pawlenty, or some other ‘boring white guy’ as it were, then probaly that swing voter will think ‘They were right, McCain really is more of the same’, and he might lose that voter forever. However, if McCain picks a woman as his running mate, he will have PROVEN, quite decisively I might add, that all the attacks, all week long, about him being ‘more of the same’ were completely wrong. He will have neutralized the attacks in one powerful move. He will have huge momentum going into his Convention, and will almost certainly get a huge bounce, and go on to win the Election.

I think most people here would agree that Governor Sarah Palin is the best woman out of all the ones that John could pick, but the bottom line is that he’d better pick a woman, whoever it is, or he’s probably going to do the work of the Democrats for them, confirming for the undecided voters that indeed ‘McCain is more of the same’. Thats the last thing in the world we can afford to have happen. We need this pick to be a Home Run, so we can win this election. He’s had months to make this decision, if he screws this up he won’t have anybody to blame but himself. Hopefully he will get it right.