Dick Morris got it right last night

Last night I was watching Dick Morris on Hannity at 9pm, and I believe his analysis of the Biden pick was very accurate. First, his point that Biden is ‘not Hillary’ is what is the most important part of his pick. The Hillary supporters didnt care if it was Biden, Kaine, or Bayh, they just cared that it wasnt her. The fact that Biden is a gaffe-prone Senator whose quotes make it seem he’d rather be on McCain’s ticket than Obama’s, that is icing on the cake.

The other point he made is more relevant to what comes next. He pointed out that now, with Obama having picked Biden instead of Hillary, that McCain should no longer consider any male candidates for his running mate, because the opportunity this provides McCain is too huge to waste, that he MUST pick a woman, because if he does so he can win the womens vote, and the election. This is a golden opportunity that cannot be passed up.

I believe its fair to say that even aside from the womens vote, Governor Palin is the best choice, because of all the other things she brings to the ticket. The ANWR/energy issue, the fighting corruption issue, even the youth and ‘change’ issue. Still, as important as all those issues are, the fact that she will bring McCain the womens vote is probably the single most important thing she will do for the Ticket, as no Democrat can get elected without winning the Womens vote, and winning it decisively. The Obama-loving media are gleeful that they THINK McCain has alrady decided on a guy that Independent Voters have rejected once and will do so again, this time taking McCain down with him. I’m hopeful that McCain is smarter than that, that he realizes what Dick Morris, myself, and lots of others who are paying attention realize, that there is no reason to make a pick that turns off Independents and Democrats just to fire up the base, when you can make a pick that fires up the base AND appeals to Independents as well as Hillary supporting Democrats. That choice is the most effective and popular Govenror in America, Governor Sarah Palin.