New Evidence to consider in the Veepstakes

A new poll was recently released showing John McCain’s once narrow lead has disappeared, and he now trails by 5 points, in the VERY Red State of Alaska. The corruption of Senator Ted Stevens is destroying the Republican Brand in the state, and Ted may be about to take John McCain down with him as he loses his bid for re-election. This is especially ironic of course, considering that McCain is a long time opponent of the corrupt Senator.

The poll is further evidence that the right choice for John McCain’s running mate is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. There were already many reasons why she was the best choice. She is a solid Conservative, maybe the most popular Governor in America, she helps him with the ANWR/Oil Drilling issue which will be a HUGE issue in the fall, and of course she capitalizes on Obama’s ‘Hillary Problem’, by bringing the Womens Vote. For all of those reasons she was already clearly the best choice of all the major candidates under consideration, but now we have to add one more, her ability to carry Alaska. Nobody would’ve thought before this campaign began that Alaska could even be a factor, its traditionally one of the reddest states in America after all. But due to the massive amount of GOP corruption in the state, highlighted most recently by ‘Uncle Ted’, the political atmosphere in Alaska is highly toxic to the GOP, and while its true that there are only 3 Electoral Votes at stake, the fact is that in 2000 if Bush had lost Alaska, he wouldnt have been President. Thats how close these elections can be, it really does mean something now that Sarah Palin can shore up the once ultra-safe Alaska.

Also, its worth noting that in light of Hillary’s recent pwning of Obama in the Democratic Convention Negotiations, that Convention will do even more to highlight Obama’s ‘womens vote’ problem, which will enable Governor Palin to even more effectively bring the Womens vote to John McCain. The whole ‘You can still vote for a woman and make History!’ thing will be pretty powerful indeed.

For all those reasons, my vote is for Governor Sarah Palin for Veep!