Hack Reporter Attacks Local Blogger

Local blogger Adam Sharp, the man behind Sharp Elbows STL, attended a recent HCAN rally. Adam has a pretty good history of getting some quality footage at these events (check out his archives). This rally was no different.

Adam arrived on the scene expecting to find his normal HCAN craziness. What he got was even better. Local “reporter” Charles Jaco (of KTVI Fox 2 and KTRS 550 AM) was in attendance. Some of you may remember Jaco from his stellar (:snicker:) reporting on the Gulf War:

Well, Jaco has continued his quality work. For the past year, he has been insulting anyone who attends a Tea Party protest with the sexual term “teabagger”.  Jaco has had it pointed out to him multiple times that he is slurring people by using that term.  Has that stopped him? No.  Have complaints to his employers worked? No.

Adam decided that this was his chance to confront Jaco about the term.  Apparently Jaco doesn’t like being questioned:

I’m really not sure how Jaco thinks he can get away with lying about knowing the meaning of the term he uses. Any journalist worth his weight would have researched the meaning of a word before using it.

Stay classy Jaco.

Update: There is now even a Cause on Facebook: Dump Charles Jaco! They’ve provided some contact information for Jaco’s two employers:

2250 Ball Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63146
Main Station Phone: 314-213-2222
Assignment Desk Phone: 314-213-7831
Newsroom E-mail: [email protected]

KTRS-Am 550
638 Westport Plz
Saint Louis, MO 63146-3106
Fred Zielonko
Station Manager
[email protected]