CNN Hackery Nothing New

There has been no shortage of digital ink on the despicable reporting on CNN by Susan Roesgen.  Here at RedState alone:

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And that is just on the front page.  There are dozens of other diaries along with hundreds of comments on this topic (including this diary that has video from the Founding Bloggers on what happend after CNN stopped rolling it’s cameras).

It’s important to keep in mind, that despite the networks slogan of being “The Most Trusted Name In News” (and who doesn’t love hearing Darth…er…James Earl Jones’s booming voice saying that?) they really have not earned that trust.

You see, back in the first Gulf War, CNN covered the “War in the Gulf” like no other network: They faked it.

That’s right.  That was actually aired on CNN.  {I know, I thought it was a spoof myself.}  That is none other than St. Louis’s own (KTVI Fox 2 and KTRS 550) hack Charles Jaco.  [Jaco has been a bit of hack on the Tea Parties himself: reporting the false narrative of astroturfing, calling us whiners on his radio show, and various other liberal talking points.]

So, when people start to wonder where CNN’s credibility has gone.  I wonder when they ever had it.