Missouri News and Notes 02-06-09

Here’s some of the bigger goings-on in the Show-Me State.

Mission #1: Exposing Robin Carnahan

Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan announced her candidacy for the Senate seat currently occupied by Senator Kit Bond (who announced his retirement a few weeks ago).  Since her announcement, two stories have highlighted why Carnahan should not represent the people of Missouri.

1.Gateway Pundit has highlighted Carnahan’s ties to a group called America Coming Together(ACT).  Carnahan’s communications director is Laura Egerdal.  She is a former recruiter for ACT.  So, whats wrong with ACT:

ACT hired dozens Of felons some convicted of sex offenses, assault and burglary – to conduct door-to-door voter registration drives in Missouri and other swing states. Seven of the ACT employees lived at Missouri halfway houses and at least four returned to prison. Because of this the Missouri Department Of Corrections banished ACT from its pool of potential employers for parolees, saying, “They did not want offenders handing sensitive personal information. The names of two of the ACT employees even matched those of people convicted of murder and rape. ACT was also good at getting the dead voters signed up in time for the election.

Remember, Egerdal recruited for ACT.  And now she is in an important position on Carnahan’s staff.

2.Carnahan has been endorsed by EMILY’s List.  EMILY’s List is a readical pro-abortion group.  True, EMILY’s List has had some success recently in getting their candidates elected, but Missouri is an exception.

Here’s the thing though, last cycle Emily’s List lost two big congressional races in Missouri. They got killed in the sixth district with a candidate, Kay Barnes, who was supposed to be a rock star. And they lost with another, Judy Baker in the ninth district, in a race they thought they had a chance to win all the way to the end.

As The Source continues, they point out why Carnahan will have trouble getting elected in Missouri.

A lot of people are giving Carnahan the edge no matter who she faces. But we would suggest she will have a hard time if she can’t win the sixth, the ninth or the seventh (almost certainly a Republican win, and maybe a big one if Roy Blunt is the candidate.) Carnahan would have to have Obama-like turnout in Kansas City and St. Louis to offset those losses, and we don’t think she generates that much passion.

Obviously Missouri will elect Democrats statewide. But if you look at who has been elected lately, all have at least a modicum of conservative thought. Even Claire McCaskill tried to act like a conservative in rural areas. Carnahan won’t be able to pull that off, and that will be her ultimate undoing.

The important point in there is that Carnahan will not enjoy the historic turnouts in St. Louis and Kansas City that Democrats enjoyed in 2008.  If Republicans are able to pick up even a few points in those Democratic stronghold, Congressman Blunt (the likely Republican nominee) will perform very well in the more rural, conservative areas of the state.

State Senator Scott Rupp (R-Wentzville) Holds Up Linda Martinez Nomination

Governor Jay Nixon has nominated St. Louis lawyer Linda Martinez for the director of economic development.  State Senator Rupp has some issues with this nomination and is holding up her hearing.  One of the primary reasons why Martinez makes a poor choice for a position involving economic development is her stand on illegal immigration.  Martinez has drawn fire from groups concerned over her role in suing the City of Valley Park over their tough laws punishing businesses and landlords who knowingly hired or rented to illegal immigrants.  Why should we have an director of economic development who is interested in seeing that development go to those who are here illegally?  Watch Rupp discuss the hold up here:


This issue has also given freshman Senator Robin Wright-Jones her first opportunity (of many) to play the gender card:


Stay classy Senator.

Add Another Democrat to the Tax Problem Pile?

The Missouri GOP has some questions for Senator Claire McCaskill.  They want to know if she could be the next Democrat with “tax issues”.

Jefferson City – With three of President Obama’s top appointees exposed for not paying their taxes, Claire McCaskill has chimed in with one of her most hypocritical rants to date. McCaskill, who Roll Call magazine ranks as one of the richest members of the U.S. Senate, informed MSNBC earlier this week, “For anybody watching this show, if you ever think you’re going to be in government, please pay your taxes. Pay them now.”

Here are the facts about McCaskill’s tax problems, which, by her newfound standard, would seemingly disqualify her from government service:

  1. McCaskill has repeatedly refused requests to release family tax returns, which would shed light on the matrix of government subsidized business dealings (i.e. government subsidized housing, tax credit brokering, nursing homes, etc.) that have made her one of the richest members of the U.S. Senate.
  2. If McCaskill actually abided by her MSNBC rhetoric, her goal of becoming a career politician would have gone unrealized due to a federal tax lien and an embarrassing incident in 1994 in which Camden County published a notice to auction McCaskill’s lakeside condo due to her failure to pay taxes on it.
  3. McCaskill, who told MSNBC “there’s a lot of tax money out there that we need to be collecting”, has been dodging questions about her family’s offshore tax shelter, headquartered in Bermuda, for years. In an October 2006 Kansas City Star story that focused on McCaskill tax shelter, a D.C. watchdog group offered this view: “It’s all about avoiding taxes,” said Robert McIntyre, director of Citizens for Tax Justice, a Washington watchdog group. ‘That’s the whole point of them.”

“Apparently, Claire McCaskill is not interested in practicing what she preaches when it comes to tax problems,” said Tina Hervey. “Timothy Giethner, Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer have proven that failing to pay taxes is not grounds for disqualification from government service in the eyes of the Obama administration. Maybe that explains why McCaskill has turned out to be one of Obama’s most loyal surrogates.”

So Senator, in the interest of open government (something you have told us you champion) release your tax records.  We have a right to know if your family has paid their taxes.

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