What Criteria Are They Using?

Much has been written over the past few weeks on the impending stimulus pork-laden, debt bill.  Unfortunately, it seems that the Democrats in charge of the Senate see fit to ram this bill down the throats of the American public.  With that in mind, I’m wondering what criteria they are using when they consider projects.  I wonder this, because I’ve been reading through the spending requests made by the U.S. Conference of Mayors on StimulusWatch.org.

The mayors of the State of Missouri have submitted 403 projects with a price tag of a whopping $3,760,293,491.00.  Several of these projects are set to fund the Metrolink system in the St. Louis metro area.  There is a lot to like about Metrolink (especially the fact that you can park in better lots than you can find downtown when you go to a sporting event), but why should the City and County of St. Louis expect other states to foot the bill for these projects?

You see, St. Louis County residents recently rejected an additional sales tax that would have been used to fund Metrolink.  Doesn’t it seem a bit odd to ask someone else to pay for something your own citizens won’t pay for?