Take a look at the picture below:


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This is a map of the relationship network of Congressional members who are on Twitter. It’s pretty easy to look at this map and get really pumped up: The Republicans “win”. The problem is that GOP dominance of Twitter doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t add up to votes.

This map (and I guarantee, the reaction of many who see that picture) is really the problem in the GOP right now. Many think that all we have to do is bridge the technology gap and the GOP can return to power in Congress and retake the Presidency in 2012/2016 with ease. This just isn’t true. We weren’t defeated by technology in the race for President (or any other race for that matter). We were beaten in the basic game of attracting people to your message.

Over on The Next Right, Patrick Ruffini goes into a lengthy explaination. I suggest you read it all.

Until Republicans learn the lesson that “technology” is not the answer, we may be in for a long time in the wilderness.