Dawson's Not So "Whites Only" Country Club

Following the spirited defense of SC GOP Chairman Katon Dawson by Glenn McCall (which you can read about in this Minority Report exclusive), we now have reporting from the National Review’s Jim Geraghty that indeed Dawson would not have been aware of the “whites only” rule in the charter.

George Bunch, the president of the club, said that the deed’s restriction has been “invalid” since 1964 (under the Civil Rights Act). Nonetheless, the club has no African-American members, and Bunch said that to his knowledge, no African-American has been put up for membership. However, members do invite African-American guests regularly, and so on any given day, it is common to see African-Americans on the golf course, in the clubhouse, at club events, and so on.

Dawson says he actually played golf with African-Americans at the club. So his explanation that he did not know of the discriminatory language in the deed during the twelve years of his membership would appear to hold water; if someone saw African-Americans around the country club, one could reasonably assume they were members.

I’m wondering if all of the breathless commentaries of “How can we elect someone as the head of the RNC who belonged to a club that wouldn’t even admit our President-elect?” will cease. Clearly the journalist who was preparing an article to appear in The State brought the existence of the policy to Dawson’s attention and he did the adult thing and challenged that policy. [Yes Philip Klein, this comment is directed at you.]. You can re-commence examining the candidates on the real issues now.