Site of the Day: Flip4.org

Allow me to introduce a website that has a lot of potential to be an excellent tool in conservative activism at the state level: Flip4.org


I’ll allow the site designers description to speak for itself.

State legislatures are the front lines of American politics. They are where good ideas—and bad ones—can be introduced and tested. They are where our rising stars emerge, or where scandals damage the Republican brand. And after the 2010 census, they are where the redistricting of our nation’s congressional districts will be determined.

The goal of Flip4.org is to flip four seats in every statehouse where doing so will give Republicans the majority. More than that, the goal is to put into those seats talented, principled, forward-thinking Republicans who will serve their states with distinction once elected.

To achieve that ultimate goal, Flip4.org will have three purposes:

  • To identify four such candidates in every statehouse where their victories will give Republicans the majority.
  • To collect and distribute information about these candidates, their issues and their races.
  • To direct resources to these candidates, both financial and otherwise, to enable their victory.

Join us on the front lines of American politics, and lend your time and talents to Flip4.org.

This is a great idea. Here is hoping that this gives us the tools to control as many state legislatures as we can. Control the farm teams and you dominate the big leagues.