Politician's and Their Sense of Entitlement

It happens at the local level too.

Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed is calling on State Auditor Susan Montee to revise a recent audit critical of his use of a city car.

In October, Montee issued an audit that tweaked Reed over the “luxury” options in his city-owned Buick Lucerne, including a heated steering wheel and seats.

In a city like St. Louis that is perpetually strapped for cash, a car that cost $25,000 and came loaded with lots of nice little goodies is far too excessive. Go economy. Save your taxpayers dollars for important things like fighting crime (or maybe the good Alderman forgets that North St. Louis is having a murder spree this year).

But, like any politician, Reed feels entitled to his fully loaded car.

This week, Reed’s chief of staff, Tom Shepard, sent a letter to Montee, attaching the section of city code that specifically allows an “automobile assigned to the president of the board of aldermen of the city for his personal use.”

“We are demanding a full retraction,” Shepard wrote.

I hope he doesn’t get it.