Dead Voters Still Registered In St. Louis City and County - Some May Have Voted In Primary

KSDK News in St. Louis, MO is reporting:

Dead voters still registered

By Leisa Zigman, I-Team Reporter

KSDK — The push to register voters for this year’s presidential election is breaking records all over the country. A record-setting 4,205,774 registered voters are on the books in Missouri. That number includes over 340,000 first time voters. But are they all legal?

Using high tech computer software, the NewsChannel 5 worked with the National Institute of Computer Assisted Reporting to find the answers.

Nearly one million people are registered voters in St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis. NewsChannel 5 obtained the electronic lists of all registered voters and merged them with the Social Security’s Federal Death records dating from 1937 through September this year.

Each month, election officials are supposed to update their files and purge the names of deceased voters.

“In February we caught an individual using his deceased mother’s identity to vote,” said Scott Leiendecker, Republican Director of Elections for the City of St. Louis.

In the process to try to identify voter fraud, a match means the first, middle initial, last name and date of birth matched both databases.

In the City of St. Louis, the I-Team found more than 80 matches. In St. Louis County, nearly 300 matches were found. NewsChannel 5 also found 56 cases in which people could have voted from beyond the grave in the February Presidential Primary.

This is just the latest example of dead voters remaining on voter rolls despite procedures to ensure otherwise.

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