Vote Fraud Squad and the Voter Integrity Project [Contest]

I want to bring your attention to a very valuable website: VoteFraudSquad.com. Vote Fraud Squad is the blog for the Voter Integrity Project – a project of the Sam Adams Alliance. The Voter Integrity Project features an army of bloggers from across the nation tasked with the mission to root out stories of vote fraud or vote suppression. [Note: In the interest of full disclosure, I am a member of this squad (along with some other names you will recognize). I’ll be camping out in the always quirky St. Louis area making sure that evidence of fraud and suppression gets out.] As the VIP site puts it:

The Voter Integrity Project is a non-partisan project sponsored by the Sam Adams Alliance as part of its Sunshine on Elections effort. The purpose of the VIP project is for voters to come together to build information about vote fraud and vote suppression, in order to ensure a more fair, open, and democratic election process.

I suggest you keep your eyes on the blog so you are aware of just how much is going on. [Seriously, I could fill the Red Hot four or five times over with all of the stuff that we have been publishing over there. Go check it out now.]

Along with this, the group has launched a contest:

Dear Voter,

Election Day is fast approaching. With 130 million voters, we can expect potential chaos–including election fraud. Political forces across the ideological spectrum have been accused of committing significant vote fraud and voter suppression. These illegal activities effectively negate your vote, along with the voices of countless of other Americans.

For this reason the Sam Adams Alliance has launched a video contest to document this year’s election fraud. Working together, we will raise awareness in future elections.

For details on the contest, click here


This contest is a part of our Sunshine on Elections Voter Integrity Project – a non-partisan, non-profit grassroots group — is out there arming and showcasing people just like you who take the initiative to take control of the election process and are working to make sure that this election is fair for everyone involved. This project is about empowering citizen journalists, bloggers, grassroots activists and average, every day voters to expose, investigate and record incidents of election fraud and voter suppression in their neighborhoods, precincts, counties and states in order to ensure a more fair, open, and democratic election process.

Join us now! There are lots of different ways to participate, and we know one will be right for you!

  • Visit the Voter Integrity Project wiki, a project of the influential ballot measure wiki, Ballotpedia! Join up, edit, read and record the latest news about vote fraud in your area. Learn about the history of vote fraud in your community, learn about the laws and get crucial voter information. Upload pictures, videos, news stories and more! You can even sign up for our E-Newsletter (under Take Action):
  • Become an E-PollWatcher, and volunteer to watch a precinct in your area on Election Day!
  • Get our Voter Integrity Project Text Message Alerts!!…get news directly to your cell phone or SmartPhone!
  • Join the Voter Fraud Squad by joining our Facebook Group and following us on Twitter. Join in the Twitter stream by marking your Tweets with the hash-tag #voterfraud. And check out the Voter Fraud Squad’s blog to see what people just like you are accomplishing across the country!
  • Take pictures of vote fraud or voter suppression with your cell phone or digital camera and upload it to our Flickr site.
  • Become a citizen journalist immediately by signing up for a free blog at Blogivists.com and blogging about vote fraud in your area!

So join in, get out into your community and protect your civil rights and the integrity of the democratic process. The future of America really does depend on you!