More Voters Registered Than Adults In Some Missouri Counties

The Kansas City Star is reporting that more than a dozen counties in Missouri have more registered voters than they have adults. This is a phenomenon that we have seen across the country as state after state has failed to properly manage it’s voter rolls.

More than a dozen Missouri counties have more registered voters on their rolls than they do voting age adults.

Topping that list is St. Louis County — Missouri’s most heavily populated area.

The excuse that the election authority for St. Louis County gives is telling:

Election authorities in St. Louis County and elsewhere say they are not concerned that their counties still have more registered voters than eligible residents. They say their voter rolls appear high because they include thousands of “inactive voters” — generally people who have moved but under federal law cannot be deleted from the rolls for several years.

Under federal law you can’t purge people who have moved out of your jurisdiction and into another? That surely sounds like a recipe for vote fraud disaster.

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