Get This Man A Commercial for the Campaign STAT

Former Senator Peter Fitzgerald(R-IL) is out campaigning for Senator John McCain. He is the man that Senator Obama replaced in the U.S. Senate. They also served together in the Illinois legislature. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Political Fix blog:

He noted that Obama’s political mentor is a Chicago powerbroker, state Senate President Emil Jones. He suggested that Obama’s sponsorship of ethics legislation while in the Illinois assembly took no effort because he was assigned to carry the bill by Jones.

“Obama carried the ethics bill because Jones gave it to him… I did not see it as really a courageous move. everybody was going to vote for that bill.

“I never recall him speaking out on corruption.

“The corruption is so notorious (in Chicago). All the people in Mayor Daley’s administration… They’ve been carted off to the federal penitentiary by the busload.

“(Obama) rode the Chicago machine to where he is today.”


But FItzgerald remained on the attack, saying Obama possesses “an unusual gift in being ingenious in his lack of specificity and letting people seem him how every they want to. He’s like a human Rorschach test … They see him as being on their side when he’s really not.”

“He was just one of those state senators from chicago[sic] who viewed the Democratic Party as being right 100 percent of the time and the Republican Party as wrong 100 percent of the time.”

Those few words are tailor made for a :30 spot. Anyone that can make this happen in the McCain campaign should do so immediately.