MO-GOV: Hulshof Gets a Much Needed Boost

Republican candidate Kenny Hulshof has been badly trailing Democrat candidate Jay Nixon for the entire campaign season. Nixon started the season with a considerable advantage following a bitterly contested Republican primary between Hulshof and State Treasurer Sarah Steelman. Since the repeal of Missouri’s campaign finance law restricting contributions, Nixon has continued his fund raising advantage. He has collected $3.3 million in large sized contributions (those over $5,000) to Hulshof’s $2.8.

Hulshof received some much needed help in the form of a fundraiser with a very high power guest: President George W. Bush. The event netted Hulshof roughly $1.5 million. That should go a long way to helping Hulshof close that fund raising gap.

For those that would like to help keep the Democrats from taking over the Governor’s mansion, you go donate to the Hulshof campaign here.