MO-02: Do You Know Who You Are Running Against?

Because Democrat Bill Haas doesn’t seem to.

He’s airing an ad on local radio station KTRS. In the ad he attacks Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Last I checked his opponent was Congressman Todd Aiken.

He hits Palin on the Bridge to Nowhere. He uses a line reminiscent of the one that has been used on Rudy Giuliani. He says that “a noun, a verb and the lie about the bridge”. If you want to listen to the ad go here.

Airing an ad like this makes me think two things:

  1. What a dumb thing to do in the deep red second congressional district of Missouri. This ad certainly won’t help someone who has to be trailing by big numbers.

  2. I would have to think that Haas knows that he is a long shot. Running an ad like this therefore seems designed to do one thing: Help Barack Obama. If that is the case, wouldn’t this ad violate campaign finance laws?

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