MO-GOV: Kenny Hulshof Gets Bit By Campaign Stupids

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kenny Hulshof (current U.S. House of Representative from MO-09) unveiled his education plan today.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kenny Hulshof said Missouri has a problem. The state ranks 47th in expenditures for higher education. Hulshof said that is unacceptable and that if elected he would funnel more money to the state’s colleges and universities as well as increase scholarships to needy students.


The plan calls for the creation of the Missouri Prosperity Initiative, which will emphasize biotechnology, engineering, math and chemistry. The $5 million initiative would provide funding for schools that could obtain a two-to-one match from either the private sector of philanthropic organizations. Within that initiative, a Missouri Eminent Scholar Endowment Fund would be created for colleges to lure professors who could bring research dollars to their campus.

Hulshof plans to increase funding for the state’s colleges and universities through a new funding formula. The formula would begin in Fiscal Year 2011. It would increase funding to higher education by the rate of inflation, plus two percent.

Color me crazy, but am I the only one that cringes when I hear the words “increase” and “funding” in the same sentence when talking about education? Why, oh why Kenny, do we want to continue to throw money at this problem when it hasn’t worked? Isn’t it time we found a better solution? Why not try cutting funding? Maybe then the colleges will have to compete for students’ and parents’ money, not taxpayers.