McCain Taking Fire from the…Middle?

As anyone who has been following politics for a while knows, Senator John McCain has long been an advocate of changing the Republican Party’s platform with respect to abortion. In 2000, he went head to head with then Gov George Bush in a debate on CNN on February 15 where he pushed for the addition of an exception for rape, incest and the life of the mother. During this election cycle, he reiterated his support for this language. Then, recently he has opted to take a hands-off approach to the party’s platform. He is allowing the RNC, with input from the public, to dictate the party’s platform. This almost certainly means that the exception language will not be added.This supposed change of position is drawing fire from the moderate group Republican Majority for Choice (RMC). RMC is a group that claims to be the “silent majority” in the Republican Party that wants to change the party’s platform to one that “medical and moral choices are individual and family decisions not government decisions.” So, essentially, they aren’t very “moderate” at all. They are squarely in the pro-choice column.

The irony of all of this is that the Maverick is being attacked by a group that is supposed to represent the middle. Go figure.