Rudy Giuliani "Launches" Solutions America PAC

The New York Post (via The Page – by Mark Halperin]) is announcing that former GOP candidate Rudy Giuliani is set to announce that he is launching a “new” PAC: Solutions America. As they report: “It’s the first major political move by the former mayor since his run for president flamed out in January.” The purpose of the committee is to support New York State Republicans in their elections.

Speculation around this launch is that the former candidate for the GOP nomination is using this committee to stay relevant in New York politics. It fuels the notion that the former Mayor of New York City is looking to run for Governor of New York in 2010.

So why all of the parentheticals above?This is not a new PAC as the New York Post is claiming. It is actually more of a rebirth of Giuliani’s old PAC of the same name.

I was seeking out some more information on this PAC. I’ve taken interest in all of the former candidates’ PACs. Governor Mike Huckabee has Huck PAC and Governor Mitt Romney has Free and Strong America PAC. Both are created with the mission of helping GOP and conservative candidates get elected.

One of the key things that was missing for Solutions America PAC was a website. There was none listed or linked to in the piece. I did a simple Google search for Solutions America PAC. No website was listed in the first page of results. What I did find was information that this organization is not new at all.

OpenSecrets.org has information on FEC filings by Solutions America PAC as far back as 1998.

Solutions America - OpenSecrets - 1998

A search of the FEC’s website shows information on the PAC as far back as 2004.

And on a blog tracking the former mayor’s then assumed road to the White House, Giuliani Blog, there is this entry on the PAC from May 25, 2006:

Solutions America FEC Report

Note to Googlers: If you’re looking for Solutions America PAC, here is a link to their official web site.(Ed Note: Website is currently dark. It redirects to a standard advertisement page that is typical when the hosting site has not been paid.) You can also show Rudy Giuliani you want him to run in 2008 by making a secure online contribution.

This begs the question: Does anyone at the New York Post know how to use Google?