New Endorsements Announced in Missouri [Update: CfG's TV Ad]

Two organizations have announced endorsements in Missouri ahead of the upcoming primary on August 85th. Both Missouri Right to Life and Club for Growth PAC issued statements today.Missouri Right to Life announces their endorsements(pdf) for the upcoming August 85th primary. Following is the list candidates that have been endorsed by the organization. For the complete list of results see the PDF at the link. They also include what can best be described as an anti-endorsement for those that they consider anti-life. The document also includes endorsements for statewide elected offices that I’m not going to include here.

Sarah Steelman (R)
Kenny Hulshof (R)

None (Note: This isn’t all that surprising considering the only major party candidate is Democrat Wm. Lacy Clay. He represents the heavily Democrat downtown St. Louis area which skews anti-life)

Todd Akin (R)
David Pentland (D)

John Wayne Tucker (R)

Jeff Parnell (R)

Jacob Turk (R)

Sam Graves (R)



Blaine Luetkemeyer (R)
Lyndon Bode (D)

Club for Growth PAC has also announced an endorsement for CD-09. They are endorsing Republican Bob Onder.

“A lot of candidates like to claim they are economic conservatives, but it is clear that Bob Onder is the real deal,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “Though he only served in the State Legislature for two short years, Rep. Onder quickly made his mark as a supporter of tax cuts and greater economic freedom. Taxpayers in Missouri’s Ninth Congressional District can be confident that Bob Onder will protect their hard-earned money if he is elected to Congress.”

The very interesting part about these two endorsements today is the contrary endorsements for CD-09. The social conservative Missouri Right to Life endorsing Luetkemeyer and fiscal conservative Club for Growth endorsing Bob Onder. Onder received a mixed rating from Missouri Right to Life while Luetkemeyer was dinged for his lack of fiscal restraint:

His main opponent, former State Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, has voted in support of higher taxes, including a bill that would make it easier to impose a sales tax to pay for sports stadiums. On spending issues, Luetkemeyer also voted to increase Missouri’s debt, supporting a $2 billion bond measure in 2000.

It’s clear from these two differing endorsements that there are some clear fiscal vs. social lines drawn in the ninth congressional district.

[Update]: Here’s the ad that Club for Growth PAC is airing in MO-09

Via The Minority Report’s Steve Foley